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Wildcard Readings

  • Please text 07497152413 to arrange your booking slot and ensure you are friends with me on facebook  if this is where reading is to be done .. click on this link to go to my profile (Please note readings to be received via fb messenger video call unless otherwise agreed )
  • Readings are £25 per 30 minutes. (£27.50 if paid for via paypal link below) 
  •  I need your mobile number and name to text you available slots and to book you in / confirm. 
  • Payment is by paypal friends and family (if you pay direct ref [email protected]) or 
  • Please pay through website link below which adds 10 percent paypal fees to your total. 
  • This payment should be received 15 minutes before start of session and by messaging me to say you are waiting
  • Once video is live the reading will commence. 
  • I start by using oracle cards just to tune into you and the rest is done via empathy, intuition and channelling my guides,

Approximate session timings - please allow one hour to ensure smooth transaction 

15 minutes before session please make payment to confirm and log into messenger and state your presence

10 mins - hello and welcome chat followed by oracle card intuitive reading whilst I connect and tune into your energy

10 mins - further channelling and expanding on findings or feelings

10 mins - question and answer session opportunity - ask me or my guides anything that will help you progress

If I have managed to record the session on my phone I will send you this via messenger - however you are welcome to and are advised to make your own recording as this is not charged for, so a bonus if received 

After your reading, please use contact page to give a testimonial or leave feedback afterwards. If you enjoyed please tell others, if not please tell us so that improvements can be made. Thankyou.

xx Wildkatt xx

Wildcard Reading - £25

plus £2.50 paypal fees total £27.50

Please make payment at least 15 minutes before session starts to confirm booking, Reading will not proceed until payment has been received. Thankyou