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My cat companions - past and present

Sticky the cat (2012 - 2020 RIP) on our last walk together in July 2020

We now continue in his memory as he watches on in Spirit 

Sticky was a home bred beloved cuddle puss companion and side kick, just like a loyal dog he always wanted to be with me. My initial travels took me away from him and I could never stay away more than a few days as I pined him so much .. I knew he had to come with me and plans to train him to do so came to fruition during lockdown. He was a true cuddle cat and we had a deep connection spiritually too. I was fortunate to have a week with him in the wilderness and have photos and videos of our dream life as we spent time together on the road and in the wilderness. He hated travelling in the van, they all did .. but our last week togeher was everthing I wished for. His final resting place in the centre of the 3 peaks North Yorkshire, where a memorial stone allows me to pay my respects to my feline soulmate - dearly loved and missed terribly x He was the original Wildkatt companion and Spirit found Connie to continue in his footsteps but taking me to the next level and having a cat with a harness to walk further with - instead of free running and not allowing me to leave the van and the cats .. I always said the next cat woul walk with me and the van woudl be their home - when one door shut - that door opened .. and in walked Connie

Connie - Savannah female

Born 30 May 2020

Found her way into my life a month after losing Sticky - we saved each other ! 

She is my long wished for travelling cat, has lived in Destiny since a kitten, is harness trained and helping me walk my way back to fitness. 

A real feisty demanding wildcat but a beautiful companion who keeps me on my toes !

Rainbow - black neutered female moggie

Born approx 2014

Gifted to my lalotment - the feral siblings moved to my bungalow when Rainbow was pregnant.. they never left but for 4 years remained unhandled and free to come and go through an open window. Lockdown in March 2020 I started training them and Sticky to accept the camper van - hoping to take them away on my travels. e managed one week away with Sticky - a fabulous but emotional week as I returned with 2 not 3 cats. Rainbow was Stickys girlfriend and pined for him, she adopted Connie and took on a maternal role - but Connie still tries to be top cat ! Rainbow has got closer to me since losing Sticky and she now is part of the cat family living in the van. She goes off for hours at a time but always finds her way back - we always have to wait for her to come 'home' before we can plan our next move. She is a real queen and demands respect from the new girl on the blcok 


Brother to Rainbow but with longer fur and a definite Norwegian Forest chirrup to his voice - this big softy was a bit of an outcast until Sticky passed. Then he came into his own. Not one for adventure he stays near the van preferring the safety and hoe comforts. Surprising seeing he would not be handled and took many weeks before he would even set foot on the van step and would not stay in the enclosed space. 

Yet over time he finally trusted me - and is now rewarded with lots of cuddles - on his terms.

The siblings are set free at every stop - with option to leave and live in the wilderness - but so far they have returned .. that choice is offered always