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Connie is my latest addition after the loss of my special Sticky 

she will be travelling everywhere with me - see her page on this website x

See below for the other cats who have joined me on my travels - and also the wonderful memorials and memory of Sticky who has made his presence known and played a part in choosing Connie - he will never be forgotten and was the original Wildkatt Companion - love you Sticky xx 2012 - 2020 xx


Born - 30 May 2020

A little girl who needed a new home after a bad start. I only went to see the breed whilst mourning for Sticky as I wanted a cat that could walk on harness and join me on my adventures trekking into the hills and travelling in the camper van. She was so small and in such a need of love and attention - a backyard breeder promised us the papers and was offering at a price even discounted I coudl barely afford - but I know she needed me as much as I needed her and she came home - It was touch and go whether she survvied or not but she did - and she kept me on my toes and helped me through my darkest time sof grief. She is a feisty independent little minx and Destiny the camper is her home - which she is slowly taking over !


APRIL 2012 - JULY 2020 

My special beloved home bred boy who never left my side whilst I was withi him. Named Sticky because he kept getting caught in flypapaers as a kitten and was always a sticky cat - the name stuck - as did he . He was not only my faithful companion but one who healed me and loved me liek no other. i will miss his Sticky cuddles and hold on to cherished memories of a special boy who looked after me and remains my guardian angel - making his presence known often, as he watches over me from his new role in Spirit. 


Rainbow and Bentley are siblings who were donated to catch mice on the allotment, always staying fairly feral - Rainbow moved in to have kittens and has remained at the bungalow with Bentley since - using a window to come and go as they please. She has a bone protruding on base of her tail  and I presume this is her reason for her always wagging her tail !


Brother to Rainbow with a bit more fluff - he tends to talk like a Norwegian Forest so presume this is bred in him - Always used to tbe the less shy and took a long time to get him to come into the van - he now loves to spend his time sleeping on my bed or in the van watching the world go by when its parked up at home. He became the Alpha over Sticky in his final weeks and I think this was due to Stickys health deteriorating - maybe they knew he was leaving us and was weaker ? Bentley loves his strokes and has become so affectionate now and the new king of the castle..

Shaman, Princess & Savannah 

Stickys Grandad and two beautiful tonkinese sisters who I loved so much. Shaman went off to a breeder  and Savannah was stolen when pregnant. Princess disappeared too when Rainbow and Bentley moved in and I had no idea where she went, thinking she had been stolen too til I saw her in my garden a couple of years later, I was chuffed to see her alive, but again she disappeared. A year further on I saw her on the driveway of a neighbour - despite being microchipped they had claimed her as theirs. I was happy she was alive and just a few doors away  - she recognised her name and rolled on the driveway - the new owners said she only does that for people she knows and said 'shes yours isnt she?' - I said yes but shes obviously chosen where her new haunt is and seemed fit and well, so I let her stay,

 I had loved my introduction to the oriental breed and my bengal lookalike crossbreeds. Connie amalgamates all the breeds into one - so I have come full circle and theres a bit of everyone travelling with me and Connie - in their memory .. I have always had cats since 16 years old- I may not have photos of them all but they all have a place in my heart and I deedpolled my name to katt - because I always have been and always will be a cat woman with one by my side. They are my therapy - my carers - my life - my loves x