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Wildkatt Welcome 

Wildkatt is a naturally gifted, highly sensitive empath, energy and vibration reader, channelled trance healer / teacher and intuitive drum artist. Working with her animal and spirit guides, otherworldly beings and powerful energy Sources, Wildkatt works by allowing a connection, that if permitted, will clear etheric blockages, remove emotional issues and traumas, perform psychic surgery, soul retrieval, healing or upgrades, to help you advance on your spiritual journey.. or whatever is decided by those who 'take over' her body or allow her to shapeshift and work with the relevant forces, for your wellbeing.

A powerful conduit who cannot be amongst human energies for long, because of her sensitivity, Wildkatt limits her teaching and 'healing' sessions, so she is able to recover in between each. During demonstrations a warning is mentioned that powerful energies are raised and those of a sensitive nature may be affected!

Wildkatt has been seen demonstrating her unique way of energy working, with and without her intuitive drums since 2017, but has previously worked as a psychic medium, online spiritual consultant, helped in spiritual development circles, co hosted private psychic events, was part of a wiccan coven, was attuned to Reiki Master in 2008 to allow herself to have a recognised qualification so she could come out and start developing her own 'zapping' gifts in a market stall in 2010. But back then she was not read for the interest in her and ran away as the queues formed to see this natural healer. It took some time away, experience lifes lessons and developing her understanding, before she returned in 2018 to start coming out of hiding on her present journey. When she knew, this time she couldnt run away from her calling, despite how overwhelmed she felt. 

The growth she went thru from 2018 to 2019 was phenomenal. Supporters have looked on in awe. 

Now in 2020 Wildkatt is walking forward with a new found confidence and is becoming well known - people have heard the name - yet few have had the priveledge of being in her presence and seeing her shapeshift into a vessel for Spirit ! 

Having been aware of her gifts since childhood, she waited til her children left home before going on a sabbatical. Starting to notice the profound changes during her insight into her spiritual journey, this made her start writing memos for a book in 2014. Wildkatt came out into the public eye by Spirits request in 2019 on her 50th Birthday showing a gift that few were unaware of, and still she prefers to remain discreet, allowing those who feel drawn to cross her path to approach her., yet knows she needs to showcase Spirit so others can be helped .. and this is the journey she is presently on

Please read the testimonial page to verify how authentic and unique Wildkatt is, alongside her method of channelled energy working and the works she does with Spirit. Yet until you are in her presence and experience it for yourself - or listen to her words, you will not beable to understand just how powerful and special the connection she has .. which she wishes to share to help others on their journey, and continue on her own.

'If you could see within her heart - the view would be breathtaking' 


£75 PP

I will be offering Wildkatt Energy Working Experience Days, in my sacred space, to help your spiritual development as a healer. 

This will include basic and advanced teachings, plus practicals. Ideal for those wishing to refresh / expand on the Wildkatt Workshops

The day will include a variety of lessons and practicing on others. 

Day may become bespoke according to what occurs and is dictated by Spirit ! An ideal opportunity for those who wish to learn from how I work, plus gain practical experience themselves by working with my Spirit guides and myself in a safe, powerful but relaxed environment, where energies are heightened.

Spaces : Maximum 5 people per session

Time : 10 am til 5 pm 

Cost: £75 pp to include buffet lunch and hot drinks.

Venue - My home - S63 6NT (address given when booked)

Dates - TBC


Please contact me if interested 

Important Notice

This is my home and a powerful protected sacred space.

Please be respectful and do not touch items without permission.

Those allergic to cats are advised not to attend !