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Hand Painted Shamanic Artwork, Guided by Spirit

Animal Medicine, Healing Energies & Channelled Messages within.

My artwork is part of a spiritual journey. I am not seeking fame and fortune. Spirit offered this as a way of both helping me clear my debts financially, so I could commit to my path working with them full time as a healer, but also being reluctant to come out of hiding and my hermitised world, the drums allow me a tool to work with and hide behind as I gain confidence amongst the public. Being a highly sensitve empath it is very difficult for me to be around people for long, so my abilities are put to a positive benefit whilst I am in company of others. My drum and art sales will also help me pay my way, so that I can honour the opportunity and calling, to offer *free healing (*donations welcomed) at the demonstrations and workshops / talks, to aid the community.

My Wildkatt Drum Art is what develops from working with Spirit. This creates a living energy that can be shared and enjoyed by all those who bathe within its surroundings.  . When you purchase a drum this meant you will own an original piece of artwork, this may even increase in value as I become more widely known.. just as my prices may also increase as time goes one and people realise just what is incorporated within ! Prints will be available for sharing on greeting cards, pictures or planned oracle cards, so others can share in my artwork .. due to demand !

Although I do have some basic artistic talent I can only copy, so with Spirit whispering in my ear, I have to go googling or researching pictures or photos for the desired animal etc. to get a starting reference and wait to find one that connects with us . This is where my trust in Spirit allows the painting to come to life, as they channel the interpretation of what happens next. 'The work entails much more that the eye can see, but those who are on the higher vibrations, or are sensitive to energies will understand what lies beneath. They speak only to those who need to see or hear them ! The drums especially are full of medicine and messages .. and of course my unconditional love.

Spirit controls many of the ways that the paint is used. I allow them to channel through me.

I never know what the finished drum or picture will look like until the finish. Spirit tells me to stop painting when the energies are right ! Despite my need for perfection I've learnt that if I continue, then the picture gets ruined.. this means bent ears, odd eyes or weird colours may occur.. lol. The results have been verified by many and I accept now I am painting 'energy artwork' - the Wildkatt way..  just as I am a conduit for the healing that is channelled. I am just the messenger, working with Spirit to share something that will call to its owner, and benefit the chosen recipient on many levels !

Many people ask if I will paint on their drums, which I respond that there are many artists out there who can offer what they seek, as I cannot guarantee the finished painting will be anything like they want. I am just a ' healer with a paintbrush' and at the mercy of Spirits choices :) I offer my drums as an affordable finished piece and I prefer to sell them as Spirit wished me to do so. . This way they connect with the right person. Also the fee I would charge would be similar to the price of a completed Wildkatt drum, so you may as well gain an extra drum free with the artwork.. and that works for me!

I used to refrain from doing commissions as the paintings never turned out anything like I wanted, because I obviously was taking the control from Spirit and I much prefer how they turn out with their help..;lol. Plus I also didn't want too much pressure on me to paint to order, which is not good for my health ! However Spirit has found a way to offer bespoke 'requests' as long as our way of the freedom of picture choice and time to paint is respected. . and now the new 'memorial drums' came about due to customer requests and Spirit said yes - so thats a new range that is being focused on after a year of totem animal and spirit guide paintings. 

One day Spirit can paint 3 drums with me another time I have to wait 3 weeks before the channel and energies are right. But due to the demand for personal requests I now say, if you would like a certain totem animal for example, by all means let me know what it is and the drum size to be done on. I will then put it on the waiting list. When the reference picture is shown to me and Spirit is ready to channel the necessary energies within, then it will be started. On completion a photo will be sent to the enquirer who will get first refusal on the piece. If they do not like it then it will just be put up for sale on the stall. No monies are requested until the sale is agreed. However if they are seeking something weird and wonderful like a pink kangaroo that may not sell to others, then you may be refused - unless full payment is made up front to secure the sale beforehand !

 Due to popularity since starting this idea .. please respect a waiting list is in operation, and I still have to paint drums to sell from the stall. Please allow 2 days to 12 weeks for completion once started. If you have a date like a birthday you wish to have it completed by, please inform at time of booking.

To keep costs low I buy in imported range of goat and hide drums from my suppliers, which in turn help the families who hand make them.  I also paint on fair trade drums on occasion  .. As I am able to put the energy of the animal into the drum, these drums allow the medicine of the animal to be shared and play their own song well. I had no intention to paint other more expensive hide drums, but due to demand I did look to support UK shamanic practitioners who make their own drums in ceremony, to offer my paintings on other animal hide drums. .but this just did not take off as people wanted the full connection from my drums and to that end I no longer offer anything more than a drum that I work with from my chosen source. 

Although some consider the goat to be an affordable hide or first drum, the sound of these drums compared to others I  own are absolutely amazing and the power from them when energies are added, alongside the healing properties of goat medicine, (being more numerous properties than stag deer or horse, make them my preferred choice for my healing drum range which I also demonstrate with.. . 

I have all range of hide drums in my personal collection to include cherokee made elk, buffalo and black bear ! But these are kept for working within my sacred space. Goat is very relevant to my journey as I raised them with my family, so it helps with the close connection and energies shared from myself. My personal collection of hand painted healing / demonstration drums I use to work with offer different vibrations and energies, which help me show the way the ranges of sound and vibrations are used to clear different blockages and heal various issues

Please see drum pages for further information on drums available and the gallery of those which have been rehomed x