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Wildkatt a healing channel and messenger for Spirit 

What do you do as a healer?

By being a conduit for energy and channelling those who have the powers to change and adjust it within the human body so balance is recalled. It is ‘Spirit’ aka energetic light and vibrational beings on the soul dimension that heals - we are just the vessel. Anyone not respecting this works from ego. True healers work from a place of unconditional love and connect with sound vibration light colour animals trees plants etc on varying levels. When you respect it is not you but something far greater that’s when the power increases and you can see the physical changes in the human body as ‘Spirit’ works. Low level energy work such as Reiki and with crystals offers a well-being feeling .. it is the person the soul the conduit which enables the intensity. One person doing reiki is not the same as another as they likely attuned to a different vibration beyond this practice. Don’t limit yourself to a label .. open your heart and everyone can heal if you connect respect and don’t let ego or labels get in the way. We are all healers when you know how to just be and respect the human body is just the doorway to a whole energetic light sound and vibrational world of many dimensions knowledge wisdom and otherworldly beings forces and source itself .. both dark and light - balancing them and learning how to work with them and connect thru the levels is the fun part .. but that’s life’s journey itself x

Xx Wildkatt xX