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Soul Retrieval for Pam Shield.

 Before I travelled down to the lower world I saw the eyes of an eagle. I presumed it was my golden eagle guide who was keen to lead the way, however this may also be an eagle guide for Pam.

As I journeyed I was also shown a peregrine falcon and an owl, making me think this is more guides for Pam as I don't usually work with these, so birds are very relevant and wanting their presence known, so I will add notes at end for their messages.

I love the thought that these birds are working with me and guiding me.

As I started to walk along Pam's life path, I felt an icy blast from my left, then found myself wandering through leaf litter on an autumnal day, on a path through a park, or light woodland. It was a windy day, an abundance of coloured leaves were falling. I continued looking for the blockage / trauma to show me I had come to where this soul would be represented.

I love the colours of leaves in Autumn, the golds and the reds and I love to see them as a blanket on the ground too. I grew up next to a large park that had a woodland attached to it. I used to have to walk across this to get to my secondary school, it was about a 20-minute walk. I used to love when it was foggy as I knew my direction via the trees, walking to the first tree I could see I knew what direction to set off in to get to the next one on my path. I used to play on there most days. My dad was very much into nature and the woodland, he would know the names of every tree and every bird.

Suddenly a huge wolf was lying across the path. I went to go around it thinking he too was a guide, but to my surprise he bared his teeth and growled in a ferocious way. Ah! Trauma found!

 I coaxed the wolf and asked it to move so I could pass, to no avail. So I called upon my golden eagle guide to come and help me.

Eagle arrived and came beside me, and started pecking at the wolfs eyes.. eek I thought a bit gruesome, but then realised it was done to stop the wolf from seeing me, so I could pass!

Whilst this was ongoing I heard a spirit whisper the message ' trust in what you cannot see' and wondered if this was a message for Pam, as though she had lost her belief in herself and her work.

I can take that message. I do 'trust' in spirit completely but I don't trust in myself and my work. It's incredible that Spirit have chosen to work with me, feel so humble and don't see how I'm good enough and scared I will let them down.

I continued on the path, past the wolf to go retrieve and look out for little pam, aka the soul being sought. I called out where are you little pam and heard a response from above me.. looking upwards I saw her in a red hot air balloon. (Red chakra issues? Root)

I'm afraid of heights! haha. if I was in a balloon I'd be sat in a corner I think. I love to see the views from high up but don't like the feeling of being on the edge of a steep drop.

 I could not encourage her to come down, so again I asked for my guides help. Golden eagle carried me on his back up to the balloon, I climbed into basket and after reassuring little Pam, I was able to deflate the balloon so it came down to earth. I gathered up little Pam and showed her she could pass the wolf (trauma) so he could not stop her on her journey and took the lost soul to a pond back amongst the beautiful trees, where she was washed and re-energised and blown back into big Pam.

As I was doing this tho, I was shown a single wing or a broken wing, as though being told that this was not the completion of this trauma and other lost souls had similar issues that needed to be recovered at a later time.

Then I was shown a bee and more bird wings, which I took as a need or desire for Pam to fly again but something still holding her back or she had concerns.. this I knew the bird totems would have messages for her.. coming shortly !

I felt that even tho this soul had been retrieved, it maybe highlighted doubts Pam had about her abilities and doubts that stopped her flying so high ... as she is capable of! Obviously more to be discussed with Pam here and see if she relates to these concerns.

Yes, again this comes back to the wanting to fly, wanting to be the best that I can be for Spirit but doubting I'm good enough. But I have to realise that doubting MY ability is doubting Spirit, which I would never do. They have chosen me to work with for a reason and I am eternally grateful for that. But wow, what a privilege. I think it's the pressure I put on myself to be the best I can be for them, rather than just relaxing and accepting.

I felt a pain / tightness across my chest so also felt the heart chakra had to be worked on too.

I've been married twice. leaving the marriages was my decision even though that doesn't mean it was painless. I had a relationship with a man a few years ago who I thought could definitely be number 3. I felt completely natural with him, nothing was ever an effort, we were so comfortable with each other and there was definitely a special connection between us. I trusted him completely, only to find out that he had a one night stand with someone and was messaging someone else. I would definitely have trouble trusting any other partner and I know that isn't fair as it isn't their fault and they shouldn't have to prove themselves to be faithful. Work in progress.

I messaged Pam to let her know the retrieval was complete and to advise her to welcome her little pam back over the next couple of weeks.

The abundance of birds in this retrieval I feel is very relevant to Pam's ability to work in the highest realms amongst Spirit, but that they also had pressing information for her which I need to pass on, so I will add the relevant information below that I feel they are sending to her.

I really appreciate the additional information you've given regarding the animals you encountered. My dad used to race pigeons so I've also been surrounded by an abundance of birds, haha. I have been working on raising my vibration for years. I work with Angels and Angelic energy (or at least I trust that I do as I ask them to work with me). I do try to work for the highest good of all concerned in all that I do and to work in the highest realms amongst Spirit would be all I could ask for.

 xx Wildkatt xx

Completed - Saturday 12th May 2018

Additional Information from the animal totems ..

Eagle -

>Opportunities are arising take advantage of them soon.

>New beginning in positive direction following a period of strife in which you have gained a great deal of stamina and resilience.

> You need to detach and rise above the mundane so you can see your life and opportunities with a greater vision.

> Its time for you to have a great spiritual awakening, also an important time for you to get creative inspiration form the divine.

> You need to go on a spiritual adventure or pilgrimage to a sacred spot.

Falcon -

> Before making a decision, step back from it and consider from a broader perspective.

> Re opportunities before you, be patient and trust your intuition.

> Once you have made your choice, take plunge and commit fully.

 Wolf -

> Characteristics and behaviours that no longer serve your spiritual purpose are being culled from your consciousness

> Make cooperation a priority over compettion

> Valuable insights, ideas and new beginnings are coming your way.

> maintain your self esteem and integrity, deeply trust your inner knowing, even when you feel misunderstood.

> You are being spiritually and psychically protected at all times

> Bee

> Time to get organised and get to work on that idea you want to implement and develop.

> Involve several others in a life affirming venture in which everyone who participates will benefit .. and possibly the whole community.

> take time to appreciate and enjoy life.

> Stay with whatever you are working on as there is a favourable outcome.

 Owl -

> Meditate for a few minutes in darkness or silence over the next few evenings to see what is revealed to you.

> Be alert to any deception on the part of others, whether they are aware of it or not, and look closely behind any guises that they may wear.

> This is a particularly ripe period to tap into the intuitive wisdom available to you.

> quietly observe your environment, watching and listening for any signs or omens that will give you answers to any questions you may have.

> Now is a particularly significant time for prophecy, and you will see hear or feel events before they happen.

> Your most creative cycle now is at night, so set aside time in the evening to work on any projects.

> Call on owl if you need help to be guided through a dark period in your life.. it is there to help you

 Summary .. I think they are all saying the same thing.. and they are all speaking out to make you hear words that you are struggling to listen to.. Believe in yourself ... and go for it !!

You've hit the nail on the head Katt, I have great difficulty in believing in myself. Wonderful to have the confirmation thought that it is there, I just need to believe it.

Bless you xx

 Much love..

 xx Wildkatt xx


Matthew Geary


Soul Retrieval for Matthew Geary 

As I settled down to journey I was given owl .. thin it was a barn then was told snowy owl.. animal messages come at end of this write up ! I was also given a quick visit by ostrich. I had to smile as although I was wondering if I could actually tune in as i looked at picture of you one more time i saw a knowing glint in your eye.. ah I thought .. this may be interesting!

Straight away before I even got to my bear guide I was surrounded by dragons and sea serpent looking headed dragons who followed me down to the underworld Another was guarding the entrance to your life path where bear was waiting, A two headed one showed itself . reminded me of Chinese dragons and I questioned if this was the trauma to be found but was assured these are just your guides and protectors and in a way watching over what i was about to discover too !

I finally managed to duck under these long bodied dragons and headed along a grassy wooded track, heading towards a light in a far clearing. i sensed a cottage there with a Grandfather energy in it, smoke was coming from the chimney.

I became aware of childhood thoughts of tales... Hansel and Gretal type wooded area, Hans Christian Anderson and glyns fables? or something like that came to mind. I saw small lantern type lights strung and hanging from the trees.. very Enid Blyton type fairyland feeling. I then realised this was relevant as i was heading towards what i called the faraway tree.. which had different lands at top of it in those story books.

I followed your life path up this tree and popped my head up out of a hole in the top in the clouds. I immediately felt like i was wearing an aviator suit or spaceman suit, but this turned into a jet fighter pilot as i felt myself siting into a silver grey jet waiting for me. It took off fast and straight to the left (mother energy) and I travelled this way contentedly for quite a while.

This pilot feeling was replaced with a business man feeling. I was suddenly surrounded by high rise buildings and a suited and booted energy of an office worker. A flashing yellow light or sign was to my right .. i got the sense of it being an ice cream parlour - and wondered if that was an English term or whether I was out of the country. But i was quickly pulled back into a 'little bo peep ' feeling . and i realised that i felt like a lost sheep.. mist was surrounding me and i had found the trauma and where the soul had gone missing.

I was surrounded by a dense thick fog.. a mist that could not be battled through or cleared.. writing up this I sense this may also be a mind fog that is suffered from.? I asked for help form my guides to clear the way and i was given a hoover lol which sucked all the mist clear and a light shone brightly to help me see the path beyond.

I went through and started looking for little matthew the lost soul and started calling out for him. I immediately visioned a huge eye of what i can only describe as a locust or grasshopper.. an alien thought came to mind alongside it .. i looked closer and it definitely had pinchers and legs and walked. I looked up directly into this huge big eye ..and sat inside piloting this creature was little matthew controlling it like a ufo ship . Clear as anything behind this eye which was acting as a window to the world. 'Come out' I said laughing as realised that he was living on a different planet and it didn't seem so much as a lost soul, more like a reluctant one to come back to earth !

'Come on' I said, smiling. 'I respect you feel like you belong there but you have friends on earth too.' I sensed a confusion as to which life little matthew belonged to and explained to him, that he has to come back as he has work to do on earth, as a priority and big Matthew needed him back to help.

Little matthew jumped down from the alien insect ship and I hugged him. grateful that he respected that it was time to come back. 'I understand' I said to him. 'but there is much more learning to do here for this soul.. come and see. the mist has gone it wil be clearer now and you can help Matthew focus.'

We wandered back with my bear guide to my sacred river and waterfall where I was to cleanse little matthew soul parts and put back together. Catching me unawares, he dived in enthusiastically, so I had to dive in after him thinking he either liked water, swam like a fish, had a Pisces relevance ..or jumped into things without thinking lol. I finally caught up with him and found his soul had started to fragment into little flying fish. A dragon head suddenly appeared above the river and helped me round these soul pieces up . The dragon used his breath to heat all what, now seemed like metal fishes, up and melted them together into one energy ball which was caught. I asked the dragon guide .. who was obviously concerned about just what was happening, and not wishing little matthew to go out of sight, to help me blow the soul pieces back into big Matthew. Which he did so. I had to smile again at the oportunity to work with such a beautiful beast.. and thanked the dragon ..and other guides, for their help. I grinned as i realised that I had been observed during all this, by those dragons.. who were also much more than they are perceived to be!.

I turned to bear and said - 'come on lets go home .. to our earth home' . and smiled knowingly.

xx Wildkatt xx

Animal Message references ..

Snowy Owl -

Meditate in silence and darkness over the next few days to see what is revealed to you,

This is a particularly significant time of prophecy for you

You know in advance what is needed and are able to manifest things quickly,

Ostrich -

Sort out whatever is no longer useful to you and let it go to make room for new.

Find some practical uses for the inspiration and ideas that have come to you recently

Be courageous in exploring metaphysical and spiritual areas, trusting you will stay grounded in the physical world

This is a time to study to satisfy your hunger for knowledge.

You may feel very spaced out and distracted but ostrich is here to help you get out of the public eye for a while when needed

Dragon -

You are emerging into a new phase of your life where you will be taking on more risks and may become more vulnerable, yet you will be well protected by your dragon guides.

Do more activities that you are passionate about.

You have a past life connection to a time when earth based spiritual practices were more dominant and you are drawn to these .. whether they be wiccan pagan druidic or shamanic.

You are entering a period of considerable prosperity.

Spend time in meditation or contemplation and you will receive valuable insights and inspiration. Dragon will help you.

You have an interest in ancient and mystical arts, these are the core of you and are a contemporary wizard.

you yearn for adventure.. and are evolved spiritually,

If you are faced with a situation that causes you fear then this needs to be faced, whether it be a project or business venture or something more serious, deal with it ! You are open minded with a contagious enthusiasm, with a twinkle in your eye that says you know much more than you let on ..


In conclusion (dont usually do this but SPirit is writing so will go with it ) I feel you are a very deep individual with contacts in the higher realms who communicate with you and you feel more at home there in the light than on this soul journey. You are a very charismatic person on the outside but prone to getting bogged down and not being able to see the wood for the trees sometimes. Highly intelligent when tapping into the wisdom of the elders and a knowledge that is at your fingertips . You have worked hard and played hard and have a childlike spirit that still seeks fun and adventure. Maybe a tad impatient and follow your heart over your head at times, which can cause a few sticky moments.. but you have the charm and wit to get yourself back on track again,

Certainly someone who I would be intrigued to connect with and get to know further - or should that be - I will let my people talk to your people .. lol

I hope you can walk forward with a clearer sight now the mist has been cleared for you . keep an eye on that little one ... hes a bit of a live wire and knows what he likes

xx Wildkatt xx

MATTHEW RESPONDS - I can relate to everything -  you have a truly beautiful spirit and would love for you to connect with me again when ever you wish to, thank you katt you have my full permission to use my soul retrieval many blessings