Shamanism Videos

A selection of videos to aid shamanic practitioner training or personal growth for reference only.

 You are advised to purchase in order and book sessions online or in person with Wildkatt for further insight and training and to ensure your safety. 

Please remember energy work can be dangerous and you will be inviting otherworldy entities into your space that you cannot see. Respect and operating from a place of unconditional love is imperitve. 

You practice at your own risk, Wildkatt accepts no blame for misuse of these teachings. Thankyou.  

To purchase go to donation page and make payment then send your email link via contact form to acknowledge purchase. You will be sent video link by email to watch. 

By purchasing you promise to not share links or show others, who may be harmed from the practices within. 

Protection ..................              £5 

Create your cloak of protection and Soul key 

Introduction to Shamanism .. £25

Insights and understanding of shamanic work.Basic drum journeying guide and creating your sacred space to work from.

Etheric healing tube ............  £45

Create and use a healing tube to put yourselfand others in 

Animal and Spirit Guides ...... £95

Power animal journey 

Meet and communicate with your Spirit guide and otherworldly helpers.

Power Retrieval

Chakras & Past Life ...........      £75

Upgrading chakras to 5th dimension.

Past Life journeying and clearing issues.

Soul Retrievel & Psychopomp  £95

Soul retrievel for self and others

Healing the soul path 

Passing Spirit over when souls are stuck 

Entities & Extraction .....          £75

All about Entities

Feather assessment

Extraction medicine and preparing for Psychic Surgery.

All videos .........             £435 

Buy all together ........   £295

Practical sessions ... £50 p/hr