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Helping the community! Limited time offers !!

The Wildkatt Way Shamanic Spiritual Session - private sessions to aid healing of body mind and soul - from healing to spiritual counselling and messages - whatever Spirit decides you need after initial chat and etheric body scan - every person is different ! Available on Tuesday day times 1.30pm - 4.30 pm in my sacred space at home. 

Suggested Minimum Donation £25 please allow 3 hours. To book, please contact me for next available appointment. Other days may be available. 

Shamanic Healing the Wildkatt Way in your own home - £35 per person minimum donation request, Allow up to 2 hours per person .. for 1 to 4 persons. Plus travel expenses at 50p per mile (No additional charge if under 10 miles from my home) Dates tbc as available - please offer a multiple selection of dates for me to fit you in !

Communal Shamanic Drumming with channelled healing - at your venue. 

Minimum 10 persons @ £10 per head (plus travel expenses) - please contact  to discuss xx

Wildkatt Intuitive Drum Therapist Training Workshop - with certificate. £45 pp

 (£20 voucher given with ticket - Refundable off a Wildkatt healing drum purchased on the day) 

Hosts sought for this workshop - pleaseget in touch to be put on waiting list of interest for next date arising. 

For more details or to confirm spaces and booking - please contact me ..  

Suggested donations are a minimum request to respect a nominal value of what is offered, (Paper trained shamanic practitioners charge from £50 to £95 for a 'part' of what I offer and I am very powerful so can channel faster and much stronger, but I serve Spirit as their channel so my onus is on doing for love not money, but obviously have bills to pay and costs to cover to survive - The donation towards my time, the healing is free!)  As with all of Wildkatt's work with Spirit, this is a voluntary donation. If unable to afford payment in cash, other exchanges are gratefully received, (food, water, pillowcases, shamanic gifts, mechanical services etc - please ask for my current wish list !) Thankyou.

Home is West Melton, nr Wath upon Dearne, South Yorkshire.( I do travel throughout the Uk tho, so if you have space for my van ..and caravan if need to stay overnight if more than 75 miles away - I can come to you.)  Address will be given once place confirmed by pm. Strictly No confirmation - no entry. 

Please respect this is not just my home, but a sacred space with items to be respected and not touched. 

They and I am Protected by Spirits and the energies raised can be extremely powerful :)

xx Wildkatt xx​

Shamanic Healing the Wildkatt way - to aid healing of body, mind and soul - intense emotional release of blockages a speciality. 

Wildkatt will do a 'standing scan' of each individuals etheric / auric body to assess sensitivity and tune in.. followed by channelled energy working as required.. with or without her hand painted medicine drums.

Sessions may include Spiritual counselling / guidance, soul retrieval, past life clearance, entity removal, psychic surgery, drum healing / sound / vibrational therapy or a combination of above! As Spirit decides!

Wildkatt has a direct channel to Spirit and otherworldly beings, which allows a faster more powerful connection during this interaction..

Some people may be 'knocked off their feet' and sensitive souls are advised not to drive for 30 minutes afterwards or until energy effects have subsided.

Power channelled is intense and energy / healing will continue working for following

2 - 4 weeks within the client. Please ensure drinking water is available and consumed regularly before and after the session. Thankyou.