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Owner / Trainer of Savannah Cats 

'Wilderness Loving' Cats for Alternative Living 

Our cats are harness trained  and encouraged to spend time van lifing/on the road and walking in the wilderness 

 Encouraging  their natural instincts to thrive and their intelligence put to use, 

whilst socialising amongst the public and being trained to respect dogs and other animals. 

Feisty, fun and friendly mix in balance! Please do your research this is a specialist breed needing dedication and time

My dream is to live amongst free running cats (within a secure enclosure) on my own woodland. 

I am a Tica member 

However I do not have active registered cats in a breeding programme yet as working my way to afford them

At present I own unregistered but pedigree pet savannahs.  I consider myself an ethical hobby breeder 

My cats were purchased from breeders who were breeding for money and not putting the cats welfare first.

My cats found me thanks to Spirit - I didnt go looking for them - they are my therpay cats and family first

I will be adhering as closely as possible to guidelines for the cats wellbeing if breeding is undertaken.

Any breeding will be if the cats choose to do so, and if temperment suits - otherwise they will be neutered so they can enjoy the freedom of the van life as a priority for their happiness. Any kittens have a forever home with me if no home found. 

I cannot afford to buy any more savannahs so breeding will enable me to have a family of 'wildcats' to share my life with. 

All my savannahs are innoculated, in the public eye and are much loved companions and used to van life

Any litters bred, will be vaccinated, vet checked and if homes approach us, not leave until at least 13 weeks of age

Kittens will leave used to a harness and lead, with outside awareness training started

I reserve the right to keep kittens if I feel the home is not suitable, or if it would not be beneficial to let them go.

I am a cat owner first - they are my world and I owe them my life - They are my family !

Connie  - F6 Female 

Mum - F5 Brown spotted tabby 

Dad - F7 Brown spotted Tabby 


Chief - F5 Male

Mum - F4 Snow 

Dad - F5 Brown spotted tabby Russian Import