Wildkatt Oracle Cards - Energised Decks

Wildkatt energised oracle cards for work, rest or play!

' Small but Powerful '

With designs from my Wildkatt healing drums, photos and artwork, these cards offer energised artwork for intuitive oracle reading, meditating on for healing, past life readings, or just playing with as a card deck .. as they have the advantage of being set with playing card numbers!! (DESIGNS SHOWN WITHOUT THIS ADDITION - copyright wildkatt )

Use to read the olden ways of cartomancy with playing cards, alongside new age knowledge of extra numerology meanings, or be guided by the channelled wisdom and guided energised artwork. Delve into your past life, present challenges or future dreams as the cards dictate. There are 52 cards in the deck so this also means you can focus on areas of your soul journey as there is 1 card for each week of the year!

The range of Wildkatt oracle cards are practical stunning decks full of hidden healing, messages and insights. Spend time with them, connect as they speak to you .. and then allow them to guide you during spiritual and personal readings, healings and messages for others, who will be drawn to share their energies within.

Wildkatt oracle cards are unique, bespoke and a powerful addition to your divination collection.

Cards are sent with a cheat sheet  where available 

Set 1 and 2 are bridge sized deck of cards (narrow playing card sized). 

Set 3 is normal playing card sized. Each box is numbered and signed by Wildkatt. 

A new range of Therapy Cat cards are being planned .. ideal for children in the form of snap / memory card game and still suitable for playing cards / cartomancy reading. Plus a large size oracle deck.

These will be developed when funds allow.

Price shown is a suggested donation guideline ..energy exchange of food, fuel in lieu of cash welcomed  Thankyou 

Set 1 - Wildkatt Oracle 

£30 including postage

First edition - Limited to 50 sets only

Limited availability

Set 2- Wildcard Medicine 

£30 inc postage

First edition - Limited to 50 sets only

Limited availability

Set 3. Free your Soul - Spirit Messages

£30 inc postage

First edition

Limited availabiity