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My Spiritual Journey 

So a little intro about my spiritual side ..

( The rest will be available via my writings, blogs and upcoming publications!)

I am Wildkatt - a Shamanic Empath, Artist, Writer and Channelled Energy Worker

I mainly work for Spirit as a channel whilst in various levels of trance, to share their healing, energies and messages. At other times I seek time in Nature to re energise. I was known on the Mind Body Spirit circuit as a Healing Channel / Energy Artist selling hand painted intuitive healing drums and with a small retail stall of wellbeing wares. More recently sought out for and been seen offering profound and powerful energy working demonstrations on members of the audience.

I no longer / rarely offer this due to the effect it has on others and myself, it is limited to private clients only.

I am a naturally gifted energy reader, Spirit channelled trance healer and messenger

I am on my own journey - one that has called to me since childhood.

After 50 years of apprenticeship to Spirit I was pushed to 'come out' and share my gifts with the community to aid their wellbeing, by offering guidance and energies from channelled beings to help light workers on their Spiritual Journey. I am still learning how to translate this to the public, by offering workshops, this gave me the opportunity to gain confidence in public speaking, whilst respecting my calling. The powerful energies I work with, affects both others and myself.

I am a highly sensitive energy / vibration reader and conduit, raising powers and channelling energies that have a profound effect on people and is fascinating to watch. The power of the channelling and time with public does drain me, so I retreat to the wilderness, or seek solitude, resting away from people to re energise and spend time with my travelling cat/s. Hence limited availability for private consultations.

I am not on this path seeking fame and fortune, but to help the community and respect my calling.

One I cannot run from - I have tried. I was born to serve !

Without Spirits partnership and connection, I would not be able to share the Medicine, Wisdom and Channelled Energies to do my job. I am truly grateful to be able to offer my bit, to help awaken those who seek it and to inspire those who are follo​wing my journey, as I grow from my own lessons and openly show how it affects me. It is a life I would not wish upon any other - it has been a blessing and a curse

.. but I am truly proud to be me and now understand my journey !

Thank you to all those who have supported me.

I operate from a place of unconditional love and look forward to sharing this with you.

xx Wildkatt xx