Hopes and Dreams 

To continue to have wild bred / wilderness loving cats as my travel companions. Eventually owning my own woodland to let them run free in whilst I live off land amongst them, alongside offering a sacred place for visitors to come and heal amongst nature. 

 Sadly my feline companions have slowly passed over due to inherited issues, illness or unfortunate circumstances, but I dedicate my life to giving them the best memories ever and taking them to the wilderness to enjoy. I will be focussing on Savannah cats in the future as I can offer them the 24/7 care and attention they need to thrive and not end up in uneducated pet homes, whilst educating about the breed. 

 I have wonderful moments with my treasured cat family and continue to celebrate their life however short… and the joy and therapy they bring me.

 I spent the first two years of owning these beautiful Savannah cats, realising how myself and others had being conned and the victim of bad breeders. I now refuse to follow my breeding plans but take on kittens bred by others, which are not suitable for pet homes to join me offering my mobile wildkattery lorry as their travelling home.

 On my travels Im happy to educate about the breed and the pitfalls, plus awareness of the wild side of these cats and potential dangers of ownership, alongside the therapy they have brought me..and just as I saved their life .. they saved mine many times. 

 My time is dedicated to offering them as many experiences in Nature or wilderness as possible, to give them the best life for their well-being. Alongside an abundance of unconditional love during their time with me, whilst also protecting them ( and the public / dogs etc ) from any wild traits by keeping tethered for safety. 

 During travels I welcome questions and photo opportunities, in return for donations which is spent on their food and vet bills. 

A go fund me pays for cremations and memorial trips after a recent invisible virus wiped out my feline family, devastating me and sending me into a deep depression.

 I am grateful to those who donate to keep their memory alive.  

A little bit more waffle …

My Savannah cats are harness trained and live full time on the road spending time walking in the wilderness during training. Encouraging  their natural instincts to thrive and their intelligence is put to use, whilst socialising amongst the public. 

They are a Feisty, fun and friendly mix in balance! 

I hope to have my own woodland one day, to let them run free within and live full time in the wilderness with them, in a log cabin. 

Now I have a larger lorry this gives more space for the cats home, room for a cat wheel for their continual need for exercise and allowing more comfort whilst mobile.  

 During their time with me I offer them as much freedom as possible in a natural environment, especially due to the nature of their breeding the Savannah’s are a breed which needs mental stimulation and varied activity, a 24/7 demanding lifestyle for their care, to give them a quality of life not possible when contained indoors.  

They are unlike pet cats, as carry wild blood being bred down from a serval. Although I own low percentage bloodlines this does not change the individuals temperament or behaviour from health issues. I have the scars to prove just how wild these cats can be!

All my cats are much loved companions and family members.

I am a cat owner first - They are my world 

 I owe them my life - They are my family

They are my therapy  - and give me purpose

I love cats so much - I named myself after them 

I am grateful to share my life, with such beautiful creatures

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- - - Wildkatt on the Road - - - 

Thankyou for your interest in my special feline family 

And my lorry life - with cats !

xx Wildkatt xx

Donations are welcomed to their food and vet bills

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With love and gratitude