Healer / Spirit Channel - Mystickal Shamaness

I am often asked if I am a Shaman. I can only answer I am one not native born, but with a calling from Spirit and with gifts that the ancestors wish to share through me. I do not wish to disrespect indigenous, being of 'New Age' born, but to allow Spirits access to this world, this is what they are happy I am acknowledged as, but I need no label to do that which calls me. I do not walk this path for my fame and fortune .. I am happy hidden away from others and crave to be in the countryside with the animals, birds and trees where I feel at home, away from the energies of humans which I feel so much and affect me. Being in the public eye is only temporary to allow myself to get seen, to enable me to work for Spirit helping others drawn to cross my path.

I am pushed forward by Spirit, out of my comfort zone to be seen, to enable me to respect my given gifts. It is not an easy path but it completes me.. so I commit to it and continue to learn . I have so much to learn still. 

I apologise in advance for my fast talking, anxious speech.. and Wildkatt waffling with a Gloucestershire accent lol :) My mind and body is tested hard to become still when standing up in front of a room full of people, hoping that 'Spirit' will join in and take it over. Yet this is what they insist I do, so I can demonstrate such gifts and get known in preparation for working within the community in the future when I am strong enough.

During demonstrations, I am likened to a healing medium. Until Spirit ask me to trance for them I use my sensitivity as an empath to scan bodies and read energies on people to verify myself. 

A human xray I speak of areas which have illness, past trauma, feel are out of sync, or in need of balancing. Whilst waiting for Spirit to connect on a deeper level and perform amazing healings of mind body and soul, past and present. If my drums are nearby, they may call to me, come alive and introduce themselves. Not just holding space but showing how they heal and resonate with people.. tho they also have tantrums and are not unlike to working with children or animals, often refusing to play if the time or energy is not for them.

 I offer to train others to be drum therapists to continue Spirits work with them, as my calling is to work more directly with Spirit, becoming whatever they need as I shapeshift to pass on the energies required. This is all done freely but donations or food  / fule / gifts are wecomed in return as energy exchange, according to what each can afford.

My relatives in Spirit are many, but Native American contacts and ancestors are whom connected with me first and still insist I work as an animist visionary, sharing their medicine offered. My books to come will tell of my journey and verifications by those who pushed me forward and helped me believe in me. 

It is with their help and my animal guides that I am able to shape shift and see into your world within you. I have been seen as a 'White Wolf' by someone who has the sight in the past. I have been seen as bear and many medicine people and energy sources since. Spirit has been seen around me and as I become others.

 Whilst I am in trance I welcome feedback from the audience to find out which guide channels through me. As during trance it is not me who is working but those whom I welcome in to use my body from a place of unconditional love. 

These shamanic and energy channelled workings affect me greatly as my body is used as a conduit. It is dangerous work and needs to be respected. I risk my life each time I do such work and this is why I accept donations for my time and effort. The healing remains freely gifted and is my service to the community.

Although Spirit are the ones who told me to call myself a Mystickal Shamaness,

I was named by Crazy Horse and my ancestors as

'Running Deer Through Water'

I prefer to be known as Wildkatt in the public domain.

I work with many others, as high as the greatest light and energy source, alongside otherworldly beings. Those known as highest forces, representing themselves to those who need to see them as High Council, Angels, God, Jesus, and even dragon spirits and otherworldly beings join me, to those in universes unknown to humans still. 

I also connect with the closer level of energies of loved ones past, or Spirit doctors who pass on knowledge for me to manipulate bodies to help heal. Others who's magnificant energies clear past, present and future paths for those who's souls are being called home and need help upon their journey of awakening too.

 I work with and welcome all - as I become a vessel of unconditional love - yet also respect, bargain with, fight and debate with those on darker forces and amongst lower vibrational beings. I commit to this work with full trust in Spirit, willing to sacrifice my life if requested, to help your soul journey thrive, for the greater good.

 It is a journey which I respect and acknowledge to fulfill the gifts bestowed upon and within me, as I learnt the hard way, you can run but you cannot hide when called !

However during healings, I cannot change where lessons have not been learnt. I am fully aware of what can and cannot be done for those who cross my path. I can read peoples energies, good, bad and indifferent. I am informed of things I cannot share or speak of, but watch and wait to be guided, or walk on by. I know much and feel/read from the channelled wisdom and what your body gives out in energetic and vibratory form, but my counsel do not let me speak of things to share, unless it is imperative to do so. I question nothing, just allow my physical mind to step aside and let Spirit work through me when a connection is made. It fascinates me, as much as those who watch and participate. 

Everyone is different, each person I never know what is to be done until I step forward an put myself into altered states of conciousness to communicate with and channel those who wish me to work for and with them.  If called to proceed.. I just do - and it just is. 

Spirit have not been wrong yet .. my translations need help sometimes as I only sense .. but I do not make things fit, or cold read. I know when the correct message has finally been given and continue to work until I am permitted to stop, whether that be 10 minutes or two hours. The session continues until Spirit finish their work. 

 I am here working as a  channel for Spirit and am grateful to  have been able to help so many on their own spiritual journey or been part of healing pain or removing trauma from past lives .. or teaching how to do so.


My calling is one I have found hard to believe, accept, trust and I have tried to run from many times over the years since childhood. Now I accept my path, having sacrificed everything to prove my commitment following over 50 years of life apprenticeship with Spirit, as they trained me to find my way. It was not an easy road as lessons were learnt to find my strength, and continue to do so, but one that I regret not a moment of. 

Lessons continue.. and will continue.. It is a journey for the soul - the destination is never forgotten. It has been a fascinating journey and one that I feel truly blessed to share. 

One day my books will be many .. the lessons inspirational, for now I speak publically amongst likeminded, where my tears flow with pride as I accept my sensitivity and vunerability allows me to do what I do.

 I offer love back to those who are unable to see me now.. and love those unconditionally who accept me into their circle .. 

I am unlike any other, few are permitted to see what I truly do, others are encouraged to believe in themselves and to share their gifts - there is so much work to be done! Remember we are all one. 

With love and gratitude to all the awakened ones who see my light and truth and support me in helping others on the journey back home.

xx Wildkatt xx