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Energy Artwork in my Healing drums 

My hand painted drums contain powerful healing medicine and Spirit messages which connect with those on the right vibration. 

Being an audio vibrational sensitive and able to tell which drum resonates with you, showing the areas of your body which will benefit from their energies, to help to re balance you, heal or just energise where needed. I was asked by Spirit to paint drums with their messages and energies, so they can connect with chosen ones to pass on messages or to help heal the souls who need extra guidance. These drums will be limited going forward as time on other paths means their numbers will be reduced. They are renowned powerful and increasing in power and value.. and once seen working you will understand why. Just as those who see me work for Spirit, will understand why I need to continue offering myself whilst I am strong enough to do so.

I had to give up my private 'zoo' due to health issues and emergency operations required ( Spirit pushing me away from that because I still wouldn't listen and accept my calling lol) I missed my animals but the drums and spirit animals was how I could still have their energies around me - little did I know that Spirits intention was to have that animal family shared around the UK through my drums, becoming the way that their messages and medicine could get to those whom I could not see.. and to intensify the numbers that came into contact with them. My healing drums became renowned as over 150 were painted and shared amongst the MBS community becoming verified as they passed on the healings and messages within.

Spirit sure does work in mysterious ways to get you to respect your calling.. as from then I went into the public view as they insisted I got noticed to enable them to share their healing and guidance, I questioned - was I was good enough to share their words was I strong enough to stand up and be seen as what I was! Now I know ... I am what I am - Spirit said I need to prove nothing to no one.. It is not me so I can not fail, especially if I keep myself true to Spirits calling. I am just doing my duty as Spirits partner to allow them to connect with those who are on the right vibration, to help this world and those within it.