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Channelled Healing from Wildkatt 

I am often asked if I am a Shaman. I can only answer I am one not native born, but with a calling from Spirit and with gifts that the ancestors wish to share through me. I do not wish to disrespect indigenous, being of 'New Age' born, but to allow Spirits access to this world, this is what they are happy I am acknowledged as, but I need no label to do that which calls me. I do not walk this path for my fame and fortune .. I am happy hidden away from others and crave to be in the countryside with the animals, birds and trees where I feel at home, away from the energies of humans which I feel so much and affect me. Being in the public eye is only temporary to allow myself to get seen and known, to work for Spirit from a place that calls to me in the future.

I am pushed forward by Spirit, out of my comfort zone to be seen, to enable me to respect my given gifts. It is not an easy path but it completes me.. so I commit to it and continue to learn . I have so much to learn still. I apologise in advance for my fast talking, anxious speech.. and Wildkatt waffling with a Gloucestershire accent lol :) My mind and body is tested hard to become still when standing up in front of a room full of people, hoping that 'Spirit' will join in and take it over. Yet this is what they insist I do, so I can get known in preparation for when I am no longer attending events and focusing on work within the community waiting for me.


During demonstrations, I am likened to a healing medium. Until Spirit ask me to trance for them I use my sensitivity as an empath to scan, and read energies on people to verify myself. Likened to a human xray I speak of areas which have illness, past trauma, feel are out of sync, or in need of balancing. Whilst waiting for Spirit to connect on a deeper level, if my drums are present, they may call to me, come alive and introduce themselves. Not just holding space but showing how they heal and resonate with people.. tho they also have tantrums and are not unlike to working with children or animals, often refusing to play if the time or energy is not for them .. lol!

Presently I am training others to be drum therapists to continue Spirits work with them, as my calling is to work more directly with Spirit, becoming whatever they need to pass on the energies required.

My relatives in Spirit are many, but Native American contacts and ancestors are whom connected with me first and still insist I work as an animist visionary, sharing their medicine offered. My books to come will tell of my journey and verifications by those who pushed me forward and helped me believe in me. It is with their help and my animal guides that I am able to shape shift and see into your world within you. I have been seen as a 'White Wolf' by someone who has the sight in the past. I have been seen as bear and many medicine people and energy sources since. Spirit has been seen around me and as I become others, whilst I am in trance I welcome feedback from the audience and clients to find out which guide channels through me, as during trance it is not me who is working but those whom I welcome in to use my body. These shamanic and energy channelled workings affect me greatly as my body is used as a conduit to do their work. It is dangerous work and needs to be respected. I risk my life each time I do such work and this is why I accept payment for my time and effort. The healing remains freely gifted.

Although Spirit are the ones who told me to call myself a Mystickal Shamaness,

I was named by Crazy Horse and my ancestors as

'Running Deer Through Water

I prefer to be known as Wildkatt in the public domain.


I work with many others, as high as the greatest light and energy source, alongside otherworldly beings, those known as highest beings, representing themselves to those who need to see them as High Council, Angels, God, Jesus, and even dragons, to those in universes unknown to humans still. I connect with the lower levels of loved ones past to connect with and comfort grief, or Spirit doctors who pass on knowledge for me to manipulate bodies to help heal. Others who's magnificant energies clear past, present and future paths for those who's souls call home and need help upon their journey of awakening too.. I work with and welcome all - as I become a vessel of unconditional love yet also respect, bargain with, fight and debate with those on darker forces and lower vibrational beings, willing to sacrifice my life if requested by my Spirit guides, to help your soul journey thrive, for the greater good. It is a journey which I respect and acknowledge, you can run but you cannot hide when called !

I cannot change where lessons have not been learnt. I am fully aware of what can and cannot be done. Of peoples energies, good, bad indifferent. Things I cannot share or speak of, but watch and wait to be guided, or walk on by. I know much and feel/read from the channelled wisdom and what your body gives out in energetic and vibratory form, but my counsel do not let me speak of things to share, unless it is imperative to do so. I question nothing, just allow my physical mind to step aside and let Spirit work through me when a connection is made. It fascinates me, as much as those who watch and participate. Everyone is different, each person I never know what is to be done. If called to proceed.. I just do - and it just is. Spirit have not been wrong yet .. my translations need help sometimes as I only sense .. but I do not make things fit, or cold read. I know when the correct message has finally been given.

My calling is one I have found hard to believe, accept, trust and I have tried to run from many times over the years since childhood. Now I accept my path, having sacrificed everything to prove my commitment after 50 years of life apprenticeship with Spirit, as they trained me to find my way. It was not an easy road as lessons were learnt to find my strength, but one that I regret not a moment of. Lessons continue.. and will continue.. It is a journey - not a destination.

I stepped up and offered myself to Spiritual path, completely during the end of 2017 when my bear guide was drawn by myself and the message to paint drums with my animals was given. I opened myself up to the guides who had slowly transformed this vessel to be their channel to share messages..within those said drums.. and help to lightworkers who are called to me. Then in 2018 on my 50th birthday I went forward as a healing conduit in public demonstrations and started showing just who / what was behind the drums that had become so renowned as powerful healing tools. It has been a fascinating journey since and one that I feel truly blessed to share. My books will be many .. the lessons inspirational .. my tears flow with pride as I accept my sensitivity and vunerability allows me to do what I do. I offer love back to those who are unable to see me now.. and love those unconditionally who accept me into their circle .. I am unlike any other, so have accepted ultimately my wings cannot be clipped.. but one day I will be able to fly free alongside a likeminded soul. However - there is work to be done first !

Spirit told me I needed to get myself known and seen, so that when I disappeared back into the wilderness those in need of help will follow me there. I share with those in the way that I am able - as my journey continues. For the next part of my path, doors opened to encourage me to offer workshops and as Spirits helper - to teach and heal.

I continue to learn how to translate the messages and share the work in trance.  In the future I will start writing and offer information that needs to be written and recorded. I thank all my Spirits and guides for their lessons on this journey and for helping me share. The Medicine people and Shamans of other tribes, animals, doctors, chiropractors and other ancient healers. Those of the highest source beyond this worlds understanding, Ancient Egyptians, Aliens, and those who show themselves as what is portrayed to help and guide to be believed in. Plus of course those on the lower dimensions of loved ones passed, as a medium, offering advice and compassion sought, but that is a channel of which I need much more practice to translate words, as I work in realms further afield as a conduit.

 For myself - its easier to have my body and voice taken over!

I am clairsentient mainly, translating the energies and vibrations into words is not something that comes as easily as my 'energy reading' or communication as a Spirit channel during trance. Practice makes perfect, so I allowed myself to accept clients, so that I could attune my gifts. Instead of moving my body and also doing hands on healing work, of which I have no personal knowledge, I also speak foreign / alien / languages as I channel - one being arabic, proven by google translate as I had a conversation with it lol .. completely astounds me !

I will be asking my guides to explain much more to me, so I can take that information forward to teach others, as I have been told that is also part of my journey.. not just in the books I am to write, but in my sacred space to pass on wisdom from the ancestors.

In my first year of being seen by the public at mbs events (2018) I was acknowledged as a naturally gifted energy worker / highly empathic and attuned to acoustic vibrations to match with those needed within yourselves .. and now more a spiritual healer of mind body and soul. Spirit has been my teacher, but others have crossed my path to help me learn to translate how things are seen and to aid my understanding, guiding me on how to present myself and trust in the wisdom channelled.

Verification has been given to me from Native Americans of the Sioux tribes of my connection and abilities, inviting me to join them on their reservation, two different times in my life, 2006 and 2018, to learn their ways alongside them. I was told I was born with gifts which even their people are not born with nowadays.. and they wanted me to work with them. It was not followed through for various reasons, as for now, Spirit has respected my work needs to be amongst the UK community whilst I continue to learn about, adapt to and cope with the energies that I respond to so profoundly. I also feel called to spend time with the first nations in Canada - where my animal guides live, this has been a calling since childhood, hence my bear drum being called Grizzly Adams following a favourite TV programme I grew up with. I wait to see if that will happen on this soul journey, I know my log cabin awaits and I intend to go to Vancouver Island to pay my respects .. someday! Many have said if I go to the reservations, especially to the places that have such a deep

calling within, I will not return, as it calls to me so strongly as my home and I am waited for there. When the time is right I will visit. It does not stop me being with them in Spirit and journeying with my guides, sharing much joy with my visions and tears of that which I miss so deeply as my ancestors speak and connect within me. 

It is a beautiful feeling of belonging, yet I know my time is to be within the NW, lake district and scotland too .. a deep pull has found me there and I look forward to returning often, as I used to think it was Cornwall that I sought the place in my visions -but although spending time there a while, I had work to do and lessons to learn.. but nothing prepared me for the emotions that hit me when I went North - and connected in a special way that relit something deep within and I found my purpose calling strongly .. alongside a glow in my heart which came alive and I realised the power of unconditional love and the one part of me that I knew I could trust and believe in. Suddenly I had become awakened and the bits of the jigsaw started to fall into place .

I have no knowledge within other than that which I channel via my sensitivity, light trance or use my hand painted medicine drums. I connect with and channel my guides, who use me as a conduit to heal or pass on communication, wisdom or knowledge from themselves, otherworldly entities and verified by historical insights. Healing is offered to help balance energies, release emotions and past life souls, unblock issues, remove entities, offer psychic surgery, Spiritual counselling and much more. I know one purpose is for me to enable you to step forward on your path and continue to heal yourself or others. Only one session is usually necessary from myself to do this

 - We give you the power to walk your own path and strength to believe in yourself again, leaving the blocks behind.

My custom comes from those who have met me and experienced my energy.

I am sought out by event hosts and many who have heard about this .. but what I do is not for everyone to see, so I was guided by those who wanted me to attend shows and find a way to invite me, as then I know I am following Spirits calling. Someone is always waiting at each venue / place I am called to,  I am always found by those who need to cross my path .. and in turn connect them with Spirit who help them on their way !

My healing demonstrations are unique and not what people think they see!   You should be open to the unexpected, as I connect with the power of unconditional love and light and oneness, with me. I work with animal guides and medicine people and become what is necessary to be who I am. You will connect on different levels according to your needs. But please be aware the power I work with is strong and tangible, many having collapsed before me as I connect. It will leave feeling lighter and with parts of your mind body or soul renewed. What happens is up to Spirit .. if you are being called, I will see you when you cross my path and look forward to sharing the Wildkatt Way of channelled energy working - Spirits words whispered, or the beautiful healing energies of my powerful medicine drums with you.

With love and gratitude

xx Wildkatt xx