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Appointments with Wildkatt 

Mobile 'Mystickal Shamaness' 

 Therapy, Demonstrations and Teachings  

Body Scans & Entity Removal / Soul Healing / Trance Mediumship & Spirit Messages / Psychic Surgery / Spiritual Journey Consultation /  Healing for Healers / Upgrades for your Soul Path / Wildkatt drum therapist training

 121 Appointments

Donation Request - £50 per hour

Group demonstrations - an 'Audience with Wildkatt'

 £50 hourly rate, plus 25 percent of ticket sales where sold

Contribution to food .. and fuel expenses welcomed @£1 per mile

Parking for 25 foot HGV lorry required !

Please note:

Wildkatt is a channel and conduit for extrememly powerful energies and guides who work through her

You are advised not to drive if affected - sensitive people may be knocked to the floor by the powers raised

Wildkatt reserves the right to select those permitted to receive healing sessions without prejeudice, as Spirit dictates whom needs her most

The level Wildkatt works at can be a risk to her own health, 

time to recover is needed inbetween clients.

 Once Wildkatt reaches her limit or needs to recover, 

she will stop for the day, for her safety.


Clients are advised - by law, I have to state that spiritual work is for entertainment purposes only and is considered experimental healing. Nothing is guaranteed. Testimonials and verifications are available 

from those who has experienced a session with Wildkatt !

By attending you accept you participate at your own risk.

You are advised to consult with your doctor prior, if receiving medical intervention - holistic therapies work alongside conventional 

but Wildkatt raises extreme powers that may be unsettling.

With thanks ..

I work from a place of unconditional love

 Im truly grateful to those who have supported me on this spiritual journey

xx Wildkatt xx