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Appointments with Wildkatt

Wildkatt  Wellbeing Sessions involve - 

Body Scans & Entity Removal / Soul Healing / Trance Mediumship & Spirit Messages / Psychic Surgery / Spiritual Journey Consultation / Core Shamanism Teachings / Energy Working Experience / Past Life Journeying / Soul Retrieval and Trauma Awareness / Healing for Healers / Upgrades for your Soul Path etc. or 121 Appointments to help you on your personal journey or wellbeing.. 

offering whatever Spirit decides you need if you are unsure !

Due to present circumstances and living on the road as a van lifer - Please contact my level 2 drum therapists / area managers for initial consultation. I am not able to offer sessions at current time. 


Energy Exchange Requested - £75 for up to 2 hours.

Active Tribe Members (VIP ONLY) Reduced Price of £50 per session.

(Donations and Work Exchange Contributions Welcomed.)

Please note:

Wildkatt is a channel and conduit for extrememly powerful energies and guides who work through her (and her hand painted drums.) You are advised not to drive until recovered and sensitive people may be knocked to the floor.

Wildkatt reserves the right to refuse entry to her sacred space and select those permitted to receive sessions. She is foretold who can and cannot benefit so this will save your time and funds !

The level Wildkatt works at / with can be a risk to her own health and life, so needs to schedule an appointment with extra support in place, so can trance / be taken over at a deep enough level to resolve deeper or more conflicting entities or long standing illness, whilst watched over.

Clients are advised - by law, I have to state that spiritual work is for entertainment purposes only and is considered experimental healing. Nothing is guaranteed. By attending you accept you come at your own risk and advised to speak to your doctor if receiving medical intervention. Energy work will compliment your treatment.

If you seek testimonials then please see my website page - you are encouraged to speak to those who have seen me (and my drums) work and received healing, for verification. Spirit has never been wrong with the information they have channelled and I am an adept and highly sensitive energy, light and vibration reader who has to avoid public at other times due to the effect it has on me.

I trust and believe in my purpose to be that conduit to pass on healing, wisdom, guidance and place my life in Their hands as a conduit for energy work and healing, to help others.. especially to reenergise and balance your body, mind and soul during this current phase. I have sacrificed much to be of service to Spirit and the Community. 

If you feel I can help you or would like to own a Wildkatt drum, or train as a therapist, then please get in touch via contact form on this website and I will respond as soon as I am able. 

Please respect sessions are limited and there may be a few months wait due to popularity !

Offering love and gratitude to all those who have supported me and contribute to keeping me on my path of unconditional love.

xx Wildkatt xx