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Wildkatt - Animal Whisperer

From cats to horses, skunks to emus. Wildkatt has owned and trained a menagerie of animals over the years, being her preferred companions due to her sensitivity to humans. 

Whn health declined she turned to painting animals on her Spirit drums and that was the start of an incredible journey of allowing their medicine to heal others. 

This is a gallery / list of some of the animals owned and worked with over the years

Horse whisperer. 

Wildkatts first and much favoured horse was a stunning gypsy vanner - Bobby of Stroud - Shire x Welsh cob piebald stallion bought as a two year old and trained to pull a trap and even came in second place at the trade vehicle competition at Stroud show. He was seen frequently and was published in papers and taxi magazines as a desire to be a horse drawn taxi on the cotswold hills was trialled. In early days Wildkatt rode him bareback on the streets to the farrier, and it was the time of looking for a saddle and harness that her family met Harold Williams of Universal Training (RIP)  and his Shire horses in Moreton Valence, when she was requested to help break and train them and she was the one who would  be thrown onto the bare backs of the Shires whilst her sister Nicky Baldwin took the long reins - Her family continued this and over the years was seen at ploughing matches and offered a horse drawn wedding and funeral service in her wake. Nicky and Mum were left the Shires in Harolds will and continue to care for them. 

Wildkatt also helped out with Lawsons shires and breaking a dales pony from wild for them, to attend the three counties show as a ridden pony. An achievement that Wildkatt is proud to have under her belt. Another time, being asked to help at a ride and drive competition she was thrust onto the back of a horse at Frampton show and ran it into first place for the owner - at this time Wildkatt was a fearless horse breaker and loved this life. 

Other horses and ponies owned during her time in Gloucesershire included rare breeds such as an exmoor pony and rescues of welsh mountain ponies and other cobs which were bought, trained and sold. Her second main driving cob was a welsh school cob 'Samson' giving wedding carriage rides in a wagonette and her claim to fame to end her Gloucestershire horse life, she carried the mayor of Gloucester and friends on her wagonette and Wildkatt with Samson was the last vehicle to go through Gloucester city centre before it was pedestrianised. 

Dog trainer and Cat breeder 

Wildkatt trained to teach dog training and trained her own husky/scooter dogs..but continud her love of cats by breeding bengal lookalikes and affordable pets from pedigree stock. One day she hoped to have pedigree savannahs or bengals but could not afford the stock nor funds to build suitable facilities. Her snow bengal lookalike tonkinese were the victim of this and one was stolen whilst pregnant  the other 'moved out' when Rainbow and Bentley moved in and she lives in the same neighbourhood - having been taken in ( she is chipped but was not returned) IWildkatt wanted to be free to travel but still had the two 'ferals' and Sticky - and when covid hit in 2020 it gave her time to train the cats to live in her latest van and learn to travel and live on the road. She has slept in the van since May 2020 to safeguard her cats, but retains her bungalow for facilities and to use when the van is in garage or she has visitors to entertain !

Exotic Animal Keeper

Rainbow and Bentley her two black cats are named after the people who gifted them to her - Sally Rainbow and John Bent (RIP) the infamous owners of Oreo raccoon and their exotic menagerie. 

Whos raccoon is the star behind the Marvel film. They were also the ones who Wildkatt got her pet skunk from 'Flower' to eventually join many other exotic animals on her private allotmen. This was turned  into a private pet zoo where Wildkatt allowed them to be visited as pets for therapy by known folk, but mainly It was a place where she just wanted to be surrounded by all Gods creatures and be at one with them. It was a real Wildkatt and other animals place !

Previously wildkatt had a sanctuary on a commercial site alongside an exotic pet shop she was creating, but after being broken into so many times this was abandoned. However whilst staying on site in a caravan for security, a special event occured - as this is where Sticky the cat was born. 

The move to the allotment enabled her to have a mini wilderness walkabout where the animals were her family. Wildkatt owned the following during this time  .. harvest mice, mice, sugar gliders, hamsters, gerbils, rats, gopher, ferrets, snake (not for long lol), giant millipede, hissing cockroach, stick insects, bearded dragon, gecko, chinchilla, degu, guinea pigs, skinny pig, barn owl, raccoon dog, welsh ponies, goats, emu, raccoon dog, skunks, chickens, ducks, geeses, turkeys, 

and an assortment of rabbit breeds which led her to becoming ain infamous blue rabbit breeder then the top breeder of coloured angoras in the country - winning numerous shows and eventually selling her rabbits all over the UK and Europe .. as then it was time to focus on her van life dreams !

Van life with cats

This is documented on her you tube channel - Wildkatt on the road 

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