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about me.. 




Wildkatt - Mystickal Shamaness

aka Running Deer through Water.

I am a Shamanic Empath, Mystic and Medicine Woman working for Spirit as a channel whilst in various levels of trance, to share their healing energies and messages.

I am known on the Mind Body Spirit circuit as a Spirit Talker, Channelled Energy Worker and Healer Artist - and can be seen demonstrating / sharing my connection, with the audience, or those who are called to cross my path, by request of Spirit.

I am a naturally gifted Spiritual healer and after 50 years of apprenticeship to Spirit was pushed to 'come out' and share my gifts with the community to aid their wellbeing and offer guidance from my channelled guides, for their Spiritual Journey.

I am still learning how to translate this to the public, so by offering affordable workshops, this gives me the opportunity to gain confidence in public speaking whilst respecting my calling. The powerful energies I work with, affects both others and myself. I am a highly sensitive energy and vibration reader and conduit which has a profound effect on people and is fascinating to watch. The power of the channelling and time with public does drain me, so I retreat to the wilderness resting away from people.. and reenergising often. Hence limited availability.

I seek not fame and fortune but just to help the community. I am just me and without Spirits partenrship would not be able to share the Shamanic Medicine Woman and Channelled Energy Worker within. I am truly grateful to be able to offer a little bit to helping awaken those who need help - and to who are interested in sharing my journey. Thankyou to all those who have supported me to date.. I operate from a place of unconditional love and look forward to sharing this with you.

xx Wildkatt xx

Wildkatt - about me and my drums !

 I am often asked if I am a Shaman. I can only answer I am one not native born, but with a calling from Spirit and with gifts that the ancestors wish to share through me. I do not wish to disrespect indigenous, being of 'New Age' born, but having to advertise to allow them access to this world, this is what I'm happy to be acknowledged as, but I need no label to do that which calls me.

I do not walk this path for my fame and fortune .. I am happy hidden away from others and crave to be in the countryside with the animals, birds and trees where I feel at home, away from the energies of humans which I feel so much and affect me. Being in the public eye is only temporary to allow myself to get seen and known.

I am pushed forward by Spirit, out of my comfort zone to be seen, to enable me to respect my given gifts. It is not an easy path but it completes me.. so I commit to it and continue to learn . I have so much to learn still. I apologise in advance for my fast talking, anxious speech.. and Wildkatt waffling with a Gloucestershire accent lol :) My mind and body is tested hard to become still when standing up in front of a room full of people and hoping that 'Spirit' will join in. Yet this is what they insist I do, so I can get known in preparation for when I am no longer attending events.

During demonstrations, I am likened to a healing medium .. until They ask me to trance for them I use my sensitivity as an empath to read energies on people and to verify myself, speak of areas where i feel are out of sync or in need of re balancing. Whilst waiting for Spirit to connect on a deeper level my drums may call to me, come alive and introduce themselves and show how they heal and resonate with people.. tho they also have tantrums and are not unlike to working with children or animals .. often refusing to play if the time or energy is not for them .. lol!

My relatives in Spirit are many, but Native American is whom connected with me first and still insist I work as an animist visionary and share the medicine offered. It is with their help and my animal guides that I am able to shape shift and see into your world. I have been seen as a 'White Wolf' by someone who has the sight in the past whilst I travelled to their home, to be tested. I have been seen as many things since and Spirit has been seen around me as others work whilst i am in trance.  I welcome feedback from the audience and clients to find out which guide channels through me, as during trance it is not me who is working but those whom I welcome in to use my body and this is the shamanic workings that affect me greatly and need to be limited.

I was named by those in Spirit who I connect with deeply - Lakota Sioux as 'Running deer Through Water.' 

My calling is one I have found hard to believe, accept, trust and I have tried to run from many times, over the years since childhood. Now I accept my path having become a wounded healer after 50 years of life apprenticeship with Spirit as they trained me to find my way.. it was not an easy road as lessons were learnt to find my strength, but one that I regret not a moment of. 

I stepped up and offered myself and committed to them completely during the end of 2017 when my bear guide was drawn by myself and the message to paint drums with my animals was given... and to open myself to the guides who have slowly transformed this vessel to be their channel to share messages..and healings to lightworkers who are called to me.

I had to give up my private 'zoo' due to health issues and emergency operations required ( Spirit pushing me away from that because I still wouldn't listen and accept my calling lol) and this was how I could still have their energies around me - little did I know that Spirits intention was to have that animal family shared around the UK through my drums and be the way that their messages and medicine could get to those whom I could not see.. and to intensify the numbers that came into contact with them.

Spirit sure does work in mysterious ways to get you to respect your calling.. as from then I went into the public view as they insisted I got noticed to enable them to share their healing and guidance, by saying they would sell my drums to help me find my land to work from - so that I would become free to be the healer that I wished to be without charge, whilst I could have proved to me what I was able to do as their channel and I was good enough to share their words !

Now I know ... I am what I am - I need prove nothing to no one.. I am just doing my duty as Spirits partner to allow them to connect with those who are on the right vibration, to help this world and those within it. The donations I receive from healing will allow me to be free to respect Spirits wishes.. and share with those in the way that I am able - as my journey continues.

For now my path is as a healer - I trance and channel my guides to include the Medicine people of other tribes, alongside Chinese doctors, chiropractors and other ancient healers. I have also connected with loved ones as a medium, offering advice and compassion sought, but that is a channel of which I need much more practice to translate.

I am clairsentient, translating the energies into words is not something that comes as easily as my 'energy reading' or communication as a Spirit channel during trance. Practice makes perfect, so I allowed myself to accept clients so that I could attune my gifts. Instead of moving my body and also doing hands on healing work, of which I have no personal knowledge, I also speak foreign languages as I channel  the main being arabic - which completely astounds me !

I will be asking my guides to explain much more to me, so I can take that information forward to teach others, as I have been told that is also part of my journey.. not just in the books I am to write, but in my sacred space to pass on wisdom from the ancestors, .

In my first year of being seen by the public (2018) I have been acknowledged as a naturally gifted energy worker / highly empathic and attuned to acoustic vibrations to match with those needed within yourselves .. and a spiritual healer of mind body and soul. 

Verification has been given to me from Native Americans of the Sioux tribes of my connection and abilities, inviting me to join them on their reservation, two different times in my life, 2006  and 2018, but for now Spirit has respected my work needs to be amongst the UK community whilst I continue to learn about, adapt to and cope with the energies that I respond to so profoundly.

Many have said if I go to the reservation, especially to the black hills that have such a strong calling within, I will not return, as it calls to me so strongly as my home and someone waits for me there. When the time is right I will visit. - but it does not stop me being with them and journeying with my guides.. and sharing much joy with my visions.. and tears of that which I miss so deeply as ancestors speak and connect within me.

I have no knowledge other than that which I channel.. via my sensitivity, light trance or use my hand painted medicine drums. I connect with and channel my guides, who heal or pass on communication / wisdom / knowledge from themselves or otherworldly entities. Healing is offered to help balance energies, release emotions and past life souls, unblock issues, remove entities, offer psychic surgery, Spiritual counselling and much more. My main purpose is to enable you to step forward on your path and continue to heal yourself or others. Only one session is necessary from myself to do this - We give you the power to walk your own path and strength to believe in yourself again, leaving the blocks behind.

My hand painted drums contain powerful healing medicine and Spirit messages which connect with those on the right vibration. I am an audio vibrational sensitive and able to tell which drum resonates with you, or the areas of your body which will benefit from their energies, to help to rebalance you, heal or just energise.

I have been asked by Spirit to paint drums with their messages and energies, so they can connect with chosen ones to pass on messages or to help heal the souls who need extra guidance . I am humbled to have the opportunity to offer a little part to the community who Spirit chooses to cross my path. Those on the right vibration will be drawn to me and the drums who call to their new owners ..or those who need to experience their magick within will ask for their own energy art to be created. 

My custom comes from repeat orders and those who have met me and experienced my energy.

 I am sought out by event hosts who have heard about this .. but what I do is not for everyone to see, so I am guided by those who want me to attend and find a way to insist upon it .. as then I know I am following Spirits calling and someone is waiting there to cross my path to help them on their way !

My drums are verified as renowned powerful tools whose magick is in the channelled artwork.. I channel such power into it for you and your own journey or healing required, with help from Spirit during commissions, others are painted with Spirits knowledge of who is ahead and will be called to it. A Wildkatt drum is like no other and this is demonstrated both by myself and verified by those who meet them and see / fell them at work!

My healing demonstrations are unique and the communal drumming both beneficial and fun. If you wish to connect with and feel the powers I work with .. then please see my events diary on my website.

My sacred tent will have its own residence in the future once I walk back to the wilderness.

 What happens in the tent stays in there.. confidential individual sessions are welcomed during my stay at various festivals.

I will be available to all attendees of communal drumming and sacred sessions, to allow you to connect to Spirit for channelled counselling or guidance, within a private space. You should be open to the unexpected, as I connect with the power of unconditional love and light and oneness, with me. I work with animal guides and medicine people and become what is necessary to be who I am.

You will connect on different levels according to your needs. But please be aware the power I work with is strong and tangible, many having collapsed before me as i connect. It will leave feeling lighter and with parts of your mind body or soul renewed, knowing you are part of a family who is held within your heart. What happens is up to Spirit .. if you are being called I will see you when you cross my path and look forward to sharing the Wildkatt experience - or the beautiful healing energies of my powerful medicine drums with you.

I am working at  a limited number of venues and events in 2019 to give back to the community for the greatest good, so my healing path can be respected and fulfilled. I am noisy when working with drums, so mainly seek MBS venues who can cater to my request to pitch outside, so I do not disturb others, or who do not restrict the work I do inside and the calling to demonstrate my drums. 

I also sell my hand painted Wildkatt medicine drums and will now charge for workshops, to enable me to survive in this material world and cover expenses. I have always welcomed donations of food, drink, fuel and other exchanges.. even if just a hug from those who are unable to make monetary contributions to connect with messages from my Spirit guides... and this will continue.

This is not my work this is who I am and what I love to do and helps my soul shine, eyes sparkle and heart glow.

I seek no fame and glory but work quietly when requested by Spirit. many have still not seen my workings - those who have understand that it is a privilege and I seek to do nothing more than respect my gifts when able to do so. 

I am seeking places to stay around the UK. All help, advise, lessons, healing and support gratefully received along with offers of places to pitch my tent / park my van and caravan / motorhome when needing to escape and reenergise in the wilderness.

 This should be amongst trees, water, hills and all of Natures beauty.. but away from people and buildings! I do not need electric or modern facilities - as long as I have fresh water and heat I am happiest in my van or under canvas. Of course I have welcomed bed and breakfast offers as donations but tbh I seek little more than the comfort I need to be happy and to enjoy my own company when my mind is silent and resting. 

Eventually I will have my own sacred space / woodland where people can come to me as the medicine woman that calls from within, until then I will be mobile and seek bases to work from. All areas of UK considered to visit but time is limited as I have my own path to walk and lessons to learn on it. 

Thank you to all those who have seen the real me and helped me on my journey - now its time to take the next step on my path and honour my gifts, Ancestors, Guides, Soul - and Spiritual connections ..

My wings are no longer broken - its time to fly again !

Much love to one and all

Wildkatt xx

Member of the SWA

By law I have to state that services and items sold are

 for entertainment purposes only. 

Although I am advertised as a spiritual healer and have plenty of clients who can verify this and what is within my drums, I make no offer or claim to heal you and do so to cover myself within the present laws. Energy healing compliments practical medicine and by no means do I encourage you to stop any convnetional medical  treatments and suggest you discuss with your doctor any concerns you may have.