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Welcome to my Website !

Please browse the website - If you like it, tell others 

If not, please tell me so I can make it better

 xx Wildkatt xx

My Future Plans 

I wish to buy a woodland where a communal teaching / healing space is available

  Alongside being a sacred retreat for myself and my Tribe Members

Proceeds from my work with Spirit is funding this venture 

Donations are welcomed to help support me

I seek a home in the Wilderness too

With my beloved cats 

Where I shall write books, to continue passing on Messages from Spirit 

Plus momentos of my journey in vlogs and energy artwork

I Trust and Believe in Spirit for my Success

As it is They who show me the path!

With love and gratitude 

xx Wildkatt xx 

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JUNE 2020

Wildkatt Workshops - Video Shamanic Study Guides and Reference Clips for Energy Working - the Wildkatt Way!

Affordable Insights with lessons on Shamanic Journeying to help you heal .. and decide if you wish to join my Tribe to learn more about The Wildkatt way of Energy Working .. and be part of future plans to help the Community.

(Some are still being recorded / work in progress - please bear with me !)

Price List:

1. Protection cloak and soul key - £2.50

2. Basic drum journeying guide - £2.50

3. Creating sacred space - £2.50

4. Introduction to Shamanism (1) - £10.00

5. Introduction to Shamanism (2) The Three Worlds - £5.00

6. Etheric healing tube - £12.50

7. Power animal journey - £10.00

8. Meet and Communicate with your Spirit Guide - £15.00

9. Badger drum healing - £5.00

10. Power Retrieval - £10.00

11. Soul Retrieval for self - £45.00 (*W/S)

12. Past Life Journey for Self - £45.00 (*W/S)

13. Psychopomp ( Passing Spirits Over) - £45.00

14. Chakras and upgrading to 5th dimension - £20.00

15. Soul Retrival for others / your clients - £45.00

16. Plant Medicine - £25.00

17. Introduction to the Shamanic Drum / Circles - £15.00

18. Reading Wildkatt Oracle cards Intuitively - £15.00

19. Entities / Extraction Medicine / Feather Assessment (*W/S)

20. Psychic Surgery (*W/S)

21. Wildkatt Intuitive Drums

... more to come !!

Please note -

Watching the video information within does not give you the capability to practice or teach, these are study guides for your reference only, and are just an insight to a much deeper practice that you need to learn about in full with a knowledgeable elder / teacher. Shamanic work should not be undertaken without a verified / competant Teacher / Elder / Shaman present or on hand, to deal with any issues arising.

You are advised to attend my practical Workshops alongside these teachings 

(*W/S less than half price discount available on practical workshop if already pre purchase relevant video)

You can book 121 video appointments with me if / when needed, so I can cater to any issues arising or for private tuition. 

An online appointment diary is on the website

 (Fee charged £25 per half hour - payment is in exchange for my time - healing is free.)

I reserve the right to not release videos if not purchased in order, 

or should I this deem detrimental to your wellbeing and safety.

Those seeking further training and guidance / time with Wildkatt or wishing to become safe energy working therapists, are advised to join my Wildkatt Tribe Membership. This will gain access to further teachings, practicals with my Tribe and support for your personal and Spiritual development ... alongside other benefits !

Please see website for further details 

With love and gratitude to those who follow and support my journey with Spirit

xx Wildkatt xx

To contact me 

Please text (no calls please) 

07497 152413 

or email

[email protected]

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