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I am a Shamanic Empath, Mystic and Medicine Woman.

I work for Spirit as a channel whilst in various levels of trance, to share their healing, energies and messages.

I am known on the Mind Body Spirit circuit as a Channelled Energy Worker and Shamanic Healer / Drum Artist - I can be seen offering demonstrations on members of the audience, or by those who are called to cross my path, to aid healing, or help with their own spiritual development / advancement.

I am a naturally gifted energy reader, Spirit helper and trance healer. After 50 years of apprenticeship to Spirit I was pushed to 'come out' and share my gifts with the community to aid their wellbeing and offer guidance from my channelled guides, for their Spiritual Journey.

I am still learning how to translate this to the public, so by offering demonstrations and affordable workshops, this gives me the opportunity to gain confidence in public speaking, whilst respecting my calling. 

The powerful energies I work with, affects both others and myself. I am a highly sensitive energy / vibration reader and powerful conduit which has a profound effect on people and is fascinating to watch. The power of the channelling and time with public does drain me, so I retreat to the wilderness resting away from people.. and reenergising often. 

Hence limited availability for private consultations.

I seek not fame and fortune but just to help the community. I am just me and without Spirits partnership would not be able to share the Shamanic Medicine and Channelled Energy to do my job. I am truly grateful to be able to offer a little bit to help awaken those who seek it - and to inspire those who are following my journey, as I grow from my own lessons. 

Thankyou to all those who have supported me to date.. 

I operate from a place of unconditional love 

and look forward to sharing this with you.

xx Wildkatt xx

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